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Econo is a Responsive Multi-Concept WordPress Theme built using HTML5/CSS3 features and suitable for creative companies, agencies, and freelancers which need a professional way to showcase their projects. built using HTML5/CSS3 way to showcase their projects, services. HEADQUARTERS: 123 Akroma Aru, Suite 369 United States, ABC 36874.

Last update: 24th Feb 2019

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Meet us in one of the coming conferences

Oracle Cloud Day 2018

Digital Transformation and Innovative Organization to realize a customer comprehensive experience.

22nd Nov 2018

MiCo – Milan – Italy

IOThings Rome 2018

Keynote and chairmanship on Digital Transformation and Innovative Organization to realize a customer comprehensive experience

21st Nov 2018

Salone delle Fontane – Rome – Italy

Social Media Week – Rome

I nuovi bisogno del cittadino temporaneo e le nuove soluzioni

21th Jun 2018

Casa del Cinema (Villa Borghese) – Rome – Italy

JD Edwards, The Innovating Enterprise & the Autonomous Cloud Future – Milan

Company testimonial at the event on how to use Oracle solutions to design new services and save costs.

12th June 2018

Oracle Italy HQ via Fulvio Testi 136 – Milan – Italy

IOThings – Milan 2018

Session Chair and main opening intervention of the sessions:


10th-11th Apr 2018

Palazzo del ghiaccio, via G.Piranesi,14 – Milan – Italy

Social Media Week – Rome

Session Chair of the Mobile and E-commerce Sessions

12th-16th Sep 2016

Casa del Cinema (Villa Borghese) – Rome – Italy

Mega Trends 4 Financial Services

Session Chair and Sirpa Nordlund Interviewer as the opening session

25th Jun 2016

Hilton Milan Hotel – Milan – Italy

Navigating the Mobile Contactless Payment Landscape

Session Chair of the Session HCE & Tokenization: What Role for the Secure Element ?

17th Nov 2015

Halls 3 & 4 Paris Nord – Villepinte Paris – France

NFC Bootcamp

1st & 2nd Jun 2015

London – UK

Mega Trends 4 Financial Services

Session Chair of the Round Table – The Evolution of Digital Banking at the intersection of Payments:

  • Investing in the payments world of the future: bring innovation using contactless cards and mobile payments
    QR codes, NFC, browser payments: where should banks focus their attention?
  • Pre-paid and virtual cards, mobile wallets, in-app payments and more: where will profit come from?
    What value-added services can be incorporated into payments offerings?
  • Should innovation be driven through internal channels, acquisition or partnership?
  • How guarantee the safety of personal data, the digital identity and the trust of the consumer?

19th & 20th May 2015

Hotel Melià Milan – Italy


Payments, Loyalties and Identities in an increasingly connected world.(New form factors, new actors and new business models)

  • Smart objects collecting data during a city consumer journey
  • From cards to keyring and wristbands to enable and facilitate day-by-day actions and business transactions
  • Past and New actors, Who owns what and how to create new value added services
  • Reshaping the position within the Business Chain Value

Session Chair of the Evolution & M2M/IoT growth session:

  • From traditional SIMs to MIMs: understanding technical developments & diffusion of embedded M2M SIM Cards
  • Access Agnostic Solutions in M2M: how white spaces and satellite communications will be a part of the increasing diffusion of M2M/IoT
  • Platform interoperability, standardization and regulatory issues. Need of a common language / protocols for connected devices
  • Convergence between Mobile Communications, Wearable Technologies and IoT
  • New revenue streams developing innovative Consumer devices

27th & 30th April 2015

Mercedes-Benz CenterATA HOTEL Expo Fiera Milano – Italy

Advanced Strategic Planning and Decision Making

Creating value through effective strategy, planning and decision
Course Trainer



The Financial Services Revolution

Service & Convenience for the consumer in a New Digital Era

Event Keynotes and Panel moderator

12nd of December 2014

Hotel Melià Milan – Italy

The NFC – Near Field Club

Intervention on Mobile wallet selling and market confusion

13th of November 2014

Park Tower Knightsbridge London – UK

Innovation Trend in Banking

Keynotes and Panel moderator

11th of December 2013

Hotel Executive Milan – Italy

Luigi Bocconi University

Lecture on Global Telecommunication  History

25th of October 2013

via Scarlatti, 25 Milan- Italy

NFC World Congress

Session Chair of the sessions:

22-24th of September 2014

Conference and ExhibitionMarseille – France

Mega Trends 4 Financial Services

Keynotes and Panel moderator

21st of May 2014

Hotel Melià Milan – Italy



Introduction and Session Chair on: Le nuove frontiere dell’infomobilità

29th of October 2013

Fabbrica del Vapore Milan – Italy

nfc2013 Logo

NFC World Congress


24-26th of September 2013

Acropolis Convention Centre Nice – France

GP Logo

TSM Global Platform Conference

Enabling Technology for the Trusted Service Manager (TSM) Ecoystem: The GSMA Perspective

18th of June 2013

Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre – Real Casa de la Moneda (FNMT – RCM) Madrid – Spain


Global Payment Strategies


16th of May 2013

Hotel Milano Scala Milan – Italy


mHealth Conference Italy


22nd of March 2013

Palazzo delle Stelline Milan – Italy



19th-20th of April 2012

Hilton Hotel, Moscow – Russia


Fiera di Roma

21st-22nd of March 2012

Fiera, Rome – Italy


Cloud Mobility 2011 

20th and 21st of September 2011

NH Barbizon Palace –  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

NFC World Congress

Agora Einstein Conference Centre

19th-21st of September 2011

Sophia Antipolis, Nice – France

Mobile 2010

29th of September 2010

Grand Visconti Palace, Milano –  Milan, Italy

Smart Universities 2010

21st and 24th of September 2010

Sophia Antipolis, Nice – France

Cloud Mobility 2010

14th and 15th of September 2010

Hotel Okura –  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

New Payment Channel 2010

Nuovi dispositivi e nuovi attori per abilitare la filiera dei pagamenti

16th March 2010

Milan, Italy

Mobile Financial Service 2010

8th -10th March 2010

Copthorne Tara Hotel –  London, UK (Brochure)

Sistemi di Pagamento

Chairman of the panel Contactless e nuove tecnologie

5th November 2009

Centro Congressi MilanoFiori – Milan, Italy

ID World 2009 – Sustainability Summit

4th November 2009

Centro Congressi MilanoFiori – Milan, Italy

Co-Chair with Sophie B. de la Giroday – President, Wise Media of the panel Sustainability in Developing Countries

  • Global remittance – a positive impact on developing infrastructures
  • Critical social issues between communities, business and policy makers
  • Land reform projects in Africa
  • Relight Facing the problem of energy dependency from other countries

Digital Signage – Content & Technology Strategies: La nuova frontiera della comunicazione multimediale pubblicitaria

Hotel Le Meridien Gallia – Milan, Italy

30th November 2009

Chairman of III Tavola Rotonda: L’evoluzione dei Digital Signage: quale sarà il prossimo “big thing”

  • Dal Digital Signage al Marketing Digitale
  • Digital Signage: lessons learned, present & future

Quali le criticità di oggi e come superarle?

Quale sarà il prossimo imperativo del marketing digitale?

Il Mobile Digital Signage sarà la prossima piattaforma per valorizzare i brand?

Young Adult Marketing – Generazione Young Adult: come conquistare il target del futuro?

Hotel De La Ville – Milan, Italy

7th July 2009

Chairman of Youth Shopper Marketing: Come creare i negozi e i punti vendita che attirano e coinvolgono i giovani?

  • Metodologie per comprendere il target: Ricerche di Mercato, Trend Setting, Cool Hunting
  • Diverse esigenze per diversi gruppi di giovani
  • L’esposizione e il packaging
  • Comunicazione in-store (musica, design, etc.)

Chairman of Quali le strategie del futuro per creare un Brand Awareness per il target “Young”?

  • L’importanza di comunicare attraverso piattaforme di marketing innovative
  • Cercare il giusto equilibrio per avvicinarsi ad un ampio target senza correre il rischio di diventare un brand troppo comune – l’importanza di rimanere “cool”
  • Il ruolo dei testimonial per trasformare il brand in un “must have”

New Payment Channel 2009

Hotel Hilton – Milan, Italy

30th March 2009

Modelli di Business, Innovazioni e Nuove Partnership Strategiche nei Pagamenti tra Banche, Gdo, Telco e Aziende.

  • Event Program Co-Designer.
  • Chairman of Tipologie di pagamento e sistemi di prossimità per avere un’esperienza di pagamento semplice e veloce panel

Mobile Payments & Comerce

Brussels, Belgium

17th-18th, 19th March, 2009

  • Chairman providing opening remarks industry overview at day two.
  • Moderating the Panel: The mobile device as key link to consumers: how can the mobile work to connect multiple services and enhance consumer loyalty and retailer revenue?
  • Leading the Post Conference Workshop on 19th March: M-Commerce as a revenue-enhancing reatil strategy: a revew of digital point of sale and the investment which make commercial and consumer sense. (looking at case history to present – draft her


15th December 2008, Hotel Enterprise – Milan, Italy

L’innovazione come leva per lo sviluppo strategico delle aziende italiane.

  • Event Chairman providing opening keynotes.
  • Chairman of Innovazione Collaborativa 2.0 panel.

1st NFC Summit 2008

4th December 2008, Sheraton Dian Majestic – Milan, Italy

Near Field Communications. Come creare un ecosistema tra Banche, telco e tutti i player della Value Chain

  • Event Chairman providing opening and closing remarks
  • Chairman of Telco, Finance & Transportation panels.

Broadband Business Forum 2008

2nd December 2008, Fiera di Roma – Rome, Italy

Panelist on Near Field Communication & Mobile Payments. Innovazione e trend di sviluppo

Sistemi di Pagamento

19-20th November 2008, Centro Congressi MilanoFiori – Milan, Italy

Panelist within session: Il telefonino come nuovo sistema di pagamento

  • Il telefonino come supporto al pagamento e ausilio ai nuovi servizi finanziari

Mobile Strategies

30th October 2008, Grand Visconti Palace – Milan, Italy

  • Event Chairman providing opening and closing remarks
  • Chairman of MAdvertising, MCommerce and MPublishing panels.

Mobile NFC 2008

Radisson SAS Portman Hotel – London, UK

2nd – 3rd September 2008

Panelist on Why are Consumers Interested in NFC and How Can the Industry Meet their Expectations?

  • NFC trial press coverage has excited consumers but do they still have concerns and reservations. Amongst the consumers who are interested in NFC, which aspects do they find the most attractive?
  • Are the consumers’ interests in parallel with those of the NFC industry?
  • Are there any anomalies which need to be addressed ?
  • Consumers and/or Prosumers: Which groups are the most interested and how should this be approached ?
  • Who are consumers looking to as providers of NFC services: Service providers or operators ?

II European MVNO Summit

The Innovative Business Models for Operators & MVNO’s

ex Chiesa di Santa Marta – Piazza del Collegio Romano, 5 – Rome, Italy

26th – 27th June 2008

Chair of Sessions:

A pan – European MVNO: is it a feasible objective?

  • MVNO business model application across different countries with similarly MVNO-friendly regulatory environments
  • Expertise required to successfully assist companies in undertaking a pan-European operation
  • Best MNO partnerships to suit a pan-European MVNO. Choose the most effective strategy: find a single trans-national MNO partner or negotiate MNO partnerships in different territories
  • How to focus the market target in a pan-European MVNO campaign?

Beyond ringtones and wallpapers, leveraging Brands through pertinent Mobile Services for the customer base.

  • Looking at proper customer base thinking at what they are interested
  • Crossing expectation with a supporting mobile proposition
  • Delivering payments and new communities services just a click away

World Summit on Information Society

Kram Centre – Tunis, Tunisia

Nov 16th 2005

Co-Manager of the INFOPOVERTY SEMINAR @ WSIS 2005

Mostra d’Arte Cinematografica di Venezia

Sep 9th 2005, Palazzo Zorzi (UNESCO) & Palazzo del Cinema – Venice, Italy

Invited guest in conference “Preservazione del patrimonio immateriale e nuove creatività digitali ”

XI Conference Euromediterranea sul Cinema

V Infopoverty World Conference

May 12th and 13th 2005, Room XII – Satellite Multiconference New York – Milan – Paris – Beijing

Algiers – Tunis – Navajo Nation – Rwanda

Presenting Occam Projects & Platform

Chairman of Promoting Digital Opportunities as Driving Force for Growth session

Infopoverty Seminar

Feb 23th 2005, Room XII – Palais des Nations (United Nations) – Geneva, Switzerland

Presenting the Borj Touil Project, Village for the WSIS 2005

3 for Business

East End Studios, Via Mecenate 84/10 (Studio 76/1) – Milan, Italy

Nov 25th 2004

Le frontiere della mobilità. 3, da Visionari a Precursori


Sala delle Colonne di Palazzo Marini (Parlamento Italiano) – Rome, Italy

Oct 13th 2004

Invited guest in conference “Uno, nessuno e Centomila: tv digitale e identità locali”


Mostra d’Arte Cinematografica di Venezia

Palazzo del Cinema – Venezia Lido – Venice, Italy

Sep 10th 2004

Invited guest in conference “Cinema e culture delle diaspora nell’era digitale”

X Conference Euromediterranea sul Cinema

Maggio Rhodense

Rho – Milan, Italy

May 16th 2004

Internet Biblioteca Universale

Italian World Trade Commission

Oct 1st Oslo 2002, Norway and October 3rd Helsinki, Finland

Invited guest in economic forums to create trade partnership between Italy, Norway and Finand.

Lapland University

Lapland University – Rovaniemi, Finland

Sep 25th 2001

Visiting about impact of new technology on the business field

SMS ibc conference

May 21-22nd 2001, Catalonia Palace of Congress – Barcelona, Spain

Invited guest of round table on business on the move.

Infobase 2001

May 9th 2001, Messe Frankfurt – Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Companies and Business on the move: Mobility in Business

Sun Storage Meeting

Apr 24th 2001, Sheraton Frankfurt Hotel & Towers, Rhein-Main Airport, Germany

Customer Panel in a Sun Microsystems internal event

University of Ilivieska

University of Ostrobothnia – Ylivieska, Finalnd

Feb 21th 2001

Businology (or better Business & Technology friends or enemies)

GPRS Deployment

Cavalieri Hilton – Rome Italy

November 2nd-4th 1999

GPRS enabling the Conversion of IT and Telecos  sharing a (common) vision about the (common) user

which subject will provide the content ?

Thinking and designing a new browsing model

Mobile Commerce

Le Meridein Hotel & MayFair Conference Center – London, UK

May 27th 1999

Panel on Handsets, Smartphones and Terminals For Mobile Commerce

14th ACTS Concertation Meet

May 4th 1999, Royal Hotel Mercure – Brussels, Belgium

ECommerce in a Common People eprspective & Innovative solutions to share contents between different media in EC.

Dama Club Symposium

October 8th 1998, Hotel Cenobio dei Dogi – Camogli (GE), Italy

When on the network we send also applications, not just data


October 6th 1998, Rome, Italy

Round table on the new Internet jobs

Assinform ECommerce

June 25th 1998, Unione Industriali – Assinform/Confindustria, Roma, Italy (cover, internal)

The Electronic Commerce: The business model and the value chain

Internet Forum Europe

October 9th 1996, Sheraton Hotel Conference Center, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Marketing Communication and Advertising on the Internet

Serata AICA

June 20th 1996, Circolo della Stampa, Milan, Italy

Internet Mille Negozi in rete (1000 stores on the Net)

Chairman & Technical Introduction on Electronic/Internet Commerce

European Oracle User Group

Messe & Congress Center, Vienna, Austria

April 23rd 1998

Java for the Enterprise

Italian 2nd Java Conference

Forum di Assago (Milan), Italy

March 14th 1997

Java’s impact in the actual information system architectures

Italian ECommerce Session

March 3rd, March 17th, March 31st, April 7th 1998, Italy

It’s Electronic Commerce Time(Padova, Torino, Roma, Milano)

Chairman & Presenter of the 3 days Sun tutorial

IEEE 1997

Computer Element European WorkShop

March 24th 1997, Hotel Splendid, Portofino (GE), Italy

Round Table Session on “Computers, Web Computers & Multimedia Systems”

i2u 1996 Conference

May 21th 1996, Centro Congressi Milanofiori – Assago (MI), Italy

  • Servizi Multimediali su Internet – Marketing Communication & Advertising su Internet
  • (Multimedial Services on Internet – Marketing Communication & Advertising on Internet


(Tecnologie & Applicazioni Multimediali)

Hotel Executive – Milano, Italy

March 28th 1996

Il company profile multimediale:on-line, off-line o entrambi ? (The MM Company Profile:on-line, off-line or both ?)

Codd & Date Italia & UK Seminars

StarHotel Ritz – Milano, Italy

October 5th e 6th 1995

Internet in Azienda (Internet in the Company)

October 2nd e 3rd 1995, London, UK

Businees Use of Internet

i2u 1995 Conference

Centro Congressi Milanofiori – Assago (MI), Italy

May 25th-26th 1995

  • Come organizzare le informazioni su Internet: Progetto di un server WWW (How to organize Internet Infos: A WWW server design)
  • Multimedia un’opportunità per tutti (Multimedia an opportunity for everyone)
  • L’accesso alle informazioni su Internet (The access to the Internet Informations

i2u 1994 Conference

Centro Congressi Milanofiori – Assago (MI), Italy

May 19th 1994

Cos’è Internet? (What is Internet?)

Facoltà di Architettura

Genova University – Genova, Italy

January 27th 1994

Human Interaction & Interfacing with Computer World