• Rome 2018

    Buzzwords like IoT & AI, what do they mean for business ?
  • London 2013

    @ GSMA London Offices reception.
  • Seattle 2010

    A shot with my friend Max in his Wishpot Offices
  • Nice 2011

    Testing Mobile phone bike unlock in Nice: the NFC City
  • Geneva 2003

    Ervin Keeswood Sr. President of The Navajo Nation
  • New York 2001

    Gloria Starr Kins - Maxims News Network (NYC - NY)
  • London 2012

    Meeting for Private Planet in the Imperial Incubator
  • Tunis 2005

    John E. Steffens Ph.D. Executive Director, Public Service Institute The University of Oklahoma
  • UC Berkeley 2018

    Organizing partnership with Berkely Haas, the second-oldest business school in the US
  • Barcelona 2009

    A shot with famous singer Will I am, Obama President campaign supporter
  • La Push Beach (WA) 2011

    far away from Seattle, close to Vancouver
  • Milan 2006

    ... early morning (around 6 AM) at Linate airport lounge with Nicola Savino.
  • Tunis 2005

    Amir Dossal - Global Partnerships Forum founder
  • Frankfurt 1998

    and Comdex Europe Conference


During all my life since University I had Media & Press connection.

Be interviewed

I created association within Universities and Companies, then involved journalist in press releases and conference. During my Keynotes and Chair Sessions was very common interview, some follows:

The Japanese Lesson – Interview in Citigate, London UK – August 2001;

(Italian) The first Java Games on Mobile phone appears on the Italian market, designed and proposed when I was in Pride, sold by Wind – November 2002;
(Italian) The first WorldWide UMTS Wireless Camera prototype designed and motivated by myself within Siemens End Summer 2004;
(Italian) The Technology to help developing countries for poverty fight – June 2005

Chipilots SostaMilano SMS(Italian) Two projects from the businees idea up to the commercializaition on the market – June, October 2006.

SostaMilano SMS (Italian) Article on www.eccellere.com business magazine – February 2007.

SostaMilano SMS (Italian) NFC in turism – December 2012.

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