• Rome 2018

    Buzzwords like IoT & AI, what do they mean for business ?
  • Frankfurt 1998

    and Comdex Europe Conference
  • Tunis 2005

    John E. Steffens Ph.D. Executive Director, Public Service Institute The University of Oklahoma
  • La Push Beach (WA) 2011

    far away from Seattle, close to Vancouver
  • UC Berkeley 2018

    Organizing partnership with Berkely Haas, the second-oldest business school in the US
  • Tunis 2005

    Amir Dossal - Global Partnerships Forum founder
  • Barcelona 2009

    A shot with famous singer Will I am, Obama President campaign supporter
  • Seattle 2010

    A shot with my friend Max in his Wishpot Offices
  • Geneva 2003

    Ervin Keeswood Sr. President of The Navajo Nation
  • New York 2001

    Gloria Starr Kins - Maxims News Network (NYC - NY)
  • Nice 2011

    Testing Mobile phone bike unlock in Nice: the NFC City
  • London 2012

    Meeting for Private Planet in the Imperial Incubator
  • Milan 2006

    ... early morning (around 6 AM) at Linate airport lounge with Nicola Savino.
  • London 2013

    @ GSMA London Offices reception.


Business & Technology in the last years finally are going to the same direction, both finally are thinking about us, common people, mothers, fathers, the unique people that can claim to take benefice from innovation. Web 2.0, pervasive computing are only a start of a trend that will transform and will enrich our way to access the knowledge.

Francesco’s carrier started late 80’s in Universities and Research and Development sites, from then on, mixing strategies, market analysis and business development opportunities his interests have been to try to create value added or marketing advantages, this using technology enabling and keeping in mind – always – the human being.

Francesco founded and participated to the creation of several organizations (such as  Make it Local in 2002, i2u, Assinform, Uniforum, IEEE) based mainly on free cooperation, He participated in new ventures creation (such as Human Interaction in 1996) and founded companies, some of those projects/ideas are still alive.

Some of his recent creations:

Francesco is often present in Universities, academic institutions, or you can find him in conference, he writes articles on magazines related new media utilization, Business Chain Value, and Human Interaction.

His peculiarity is to organize fast, (wo)men and tools to increase cooperation in organization between individuals. Individuals from different countries with different past experiences in their backgrounds. Due to this I moved to remote places of the world cooperating with institutions belonging to United Nations to improve the way of life of individuals.

His profile in few words

Almost 30 years of experience in sales, strategic planning & business development within major player in Global Information and Communication Technology. Visionary and strategic planner in leading, advancing, evaluating strategic and tactical plans, and implement them directly at the customer or internal to the company.

Adviser for Investor or Multinational Companies willing to address new GEOs market such us Europe, USA and Africa, this also cooperating with UN for developing countries.

Involved in projects in IT and Telco space since the early 1980s. Columnist and teacher at Universities.

Main skills:

  • Experienced in developing business plans for market growth in all stages: from market analysis, opportunities identification, investment evaluation up to implementation and final realization.
  • Consistent top performer, a proven winner with energy, drive & presence
  • An inspirational and empowering team player, with proven managerial skills
  • Experienced, Professional, enjoys taking a different perspective and challenging perceptions
  • Inventive & visionary
  • Highly IT Literate
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Good European contact network
  • Involved in evaluating Business models for Mobile Advertising, Mobile Commerce and implementing NFC projects around Europe.

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