• Geneva 2003

    Ervin Keeswood Sr. President of The Navajo Nation
  • La Push Beach (WA) 2011

    far away from Seattle, close to Vancouver
  • Seattle 2010

    A shot with my friend Max in his Wishpot Offices
  • Frankfurt 1998

    and Comdex Europe Conference
  • Rome 2018

    Buzzwords like IoT & AI, what do they mean for business ?
  • UC Berkeley 2018

    Organizing partnership with Berkely Haas, the second-oldest business school in the US
  • Tunis 2005

    John E. Steffens Ph.D. Executive Director, Public Service Institute The University of Oklahoma
  • New York 2001

    Gloria Starr Kins - Maxims News Network (NYC - NY)
  • Milan 2006

    ... early morning (around 6 AM) at Linate airport lounge with Nicola Savino.
  • Nice 2011

    Testing Mobile phone bike unlock in Nice: the NFC City
  • Barcelona 2009

    A shot with famous singer Will I am, Obama President campaign supporter
  • London 2013

    @ GSMA London Offices reception.
  • London 2012

    Meeting for Private Planet in the Imperial Incubator
  • Tunis 2005

    Amir Dossal - Global Partnerships Forum founder


I’m on Internet since the 1982 with my proper email address both Internet both Bitnet, at that time thanks to the connection offered by DELPHI in Viareggio (LU) to the Computer Science department in Pisa, where I started to approach the media. I worked at that time frequently with Japan and other European Universities Internet was very useful to cooperate in common shared project.

After the University years he cooperated to develop IUnet idea starting from the 1986, the 1st Italian Internet service provider in Italy for business, IUnet was initially, like FUnet in Finalnd for instance, a branch of the

well known as the Italian Unix User Association, an Uniforum member. Some years later 1994, a part of management left IUnet to found in Genoa IT.net. Later on IUnet was aquired by Olivetti Telemedia, now Infostrada.

Related the software that made Internet great, I cooperated to develop the preliminary NCSA httpd server (Apache ancestor) and Mosaic browser version, I participated also to the to Linux project, as i2u member I invited Linus Torvalds in the 1995 in one of his preliminary exits outside Finland. I ported a lot of Internet utilities (elm, pine, archie, ftp, gopher, wais, …) in 93/94 on Bull operating systems (System V3.1) and also various TCP/IP and ISO stacks on different open operating systems. I participated, during yearly 90s, to many internet newsgroups, some pubblication madeby myself during the years.

My Web page is on the Net since as soon as it was possible using his proper NCSA http server port over Bull Open System than Linux slakware, roughly 1994; since that time I moved to explain all around the world the possibilities offered by this media to common people and executive within companies. Between my first exits there is the 1995 one in London UK, here is the brochure:

and the Comdex Europe in 1996 in Frankfurt:

IFE Brochure cover IFE2

Other between the following ones:

are of that years are accessible here.

I made in the 90s several projects to develop applications over PalmOS and other Handeld to permit to executive to benefit of the lightness of the new technology in the hand.

With the Web 2.0 possibilities and with the Mobilizing world trend I reinforce the cooperation with GSMA on Mobile tematics and launched several forums and  containers on the net.

Please follow me: