• Nice 2011

    Testing Mobile phone bike unlock in Nice: the NFC City
  • London 2012

    Meeting for Private Planet in the Imperial Incubator
  • Milan 2006

    ... early morning (around 6 AM) at Linate airport lounge with Nicola Savino.
  • Geneva 2003

    Ervin Keeswood Sr. President of The Navajo Nation
  • Seattle 2010

    A shot with my friend Max in his Wishpot Offices
  • Tunis 2005

    John E. Steffens Ph.D. Executive Director, Public Service Institute The University of Oklahoma
  • Frankfurt 1998

    and Comdex Europe Conference
  • Rome 2018

    Buzzwords like IoT & AI, what do they mean for business ?
  • Tunis 2005

    Amir Dossal - Global Partnerships Forum founder
  • London 2013

    @ GSMA London Offices reception.
  • New York 2001

    Gloria Starr Kins - Maxims News Network (NYC - NY)
  • La Push Beach (WA) 2011

    far away from Seattle, close to Vancouver
  • Barcelona 2009

    A shot with famous singer Will I am, Obama President campaign supporter
  • UC Berkeley 2018

    Organizing partnership with Berkely Haas, the second-oldest business school in the US


I always try to help people to speak and to understand each other, starting several organizations in Italy or abroad but my mostly rewarding experiences cames from United Nation environment.

Here some shot made mainly in Geneva in the UN Head Quarter and Tunis during World Summit on Information Society.

Iarlori and Steffens

Myself with John E. Steffens Executive Director of The University of Oklahoma – USA

Iarlori and Gloria Kinss

Myself with Gloria Starr Kins Preseindent of The Kins Group Ltd – NY City USA

Iarlori and Dossal

Myself with Amir A. Dossal Executive Director of United Nations Fund for International Partnerships (UNFIP).

Iarlori & Keeswood

Myself with Ervin Keeswood Sr. (The Navajo Nation) at United Nation in Geneva (CH)

The way to use what learned  …

Francesco Iarlori - Tunisia

Education in North Africa jointly with Borj Touil Tunisia, pupils in communitarian center.

Francesco Iarlori - Tunisia

A shot jointly with the local authority team

Classroom in Africa

The classroom

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